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Laser Hair Removal Seattle, Bellevue & Kirkland

Laser Hair Removal Seattle , Bellevue & Kirkland Treatment to get rid of unwanted or excessive hair

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Laser Hair Removal Kirkland can be a great way to get rid of hair that you just have no use for. There are many things to keep in mind when making the decision as to whether or not you should have it done. From finding out if you're a good candidate to deciding if it fits your budget, there are lot of things you should consider before picking up the phone to book your first appointment.

How does it work?

When calibrated correctly, lasers focus on melanin. When melanin (pigment of our skin and hair) is found, the laser focuses energy down to the follicle of the hair causing damage and ultimately the inability of the follicle to re-grow new hair. All lasers employed for Laser Hair Removal Bellevue use the same basic principle for their intended purpose, but many different methods to get there. From Alexandrite crystal focused lasers to CO2 fraxelated lasers, there are many options for your provider to choose from. This isn't really a concern for you though. Their experience and ability to properly fire the laser machine IS a concern for you.

Laser Hair Removal Seattle, Bellevue & Kirkland

Am I a candidate?

As you might imagine, laser methods and technologies are progressing very quickly in this day and age. Through this progression new candidates are being added to the list for laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal Seattle are calibrated to find melanin and focus more energy to the darker tones. The best candidates at this time are those with light skin and dark hair. 

However, with the advent of specialized dyes, those with blonde or gray hair are seeing their odds rise for being able to participate in this hair free movement. Those with both dark skin and dark hair can be treated as well with a very specialized laser and a highly skilled technician. With both dark skin and dark hair the laser can cause permanent damage to the melanin in the skin while removing the hair, leaving behind unsightly patches of hypo pigmented skin or skin without color.

Does laser work anywhere on the body?

Laser hair removal can be performed almost anywhere on the body. A consult with your provider will arm you with the best advice for areas of removal for your personalized service. As long as the pigment of the hair is dark enough to attract the laser, you should be able to have it removed.

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Laser Hair Removal Lynnwood is relatively painless and it in the right hands this procedure should be quick and only slightly uncomfortable. After each pulse of the laser you may feel a very cooling plate of metal such as stainless steel or even gold. There is usually a cooling gel applied the skin as well. The room may be a bit chilly to compensate for the heat that will be radiated from the laser machine but it will warm up quickly. Overall, your experience should be comfortable and quick.

Future Regrowth. Wait. What?

Every person is different when it comes to hair growth and re-growth. There is a possibility that the hair will grow back, but almost assuredly it will not return in the same density pre-laser removal. In most cases your laser hair removal technician will suggest you return for follow up laser sessions. On average, six to seven treatments will be necessary to fully remove hair in most areas.

Laser hair removal systems emit a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The hair absorbs it, the energy from the laser is transformed into heat and the hair follicle is disabled.

How does laser hair removal compare with electrolysis?

Electrolysis can be a tedious, painful process destroying each hair follicle one at a time. This can sometimes require treatment over years at regular intervals. Laser hair removal on the other hand can treat hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously so the process is much quicker.

With some laser hair removal equipment, an absolute requirement is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. White skin with dark hair responds best. Persons with dark, coarse hair are the easiest to treat as dark hair contains melanin, a dark pigment which attracts the laser light so more laser energy is absorbed. Fewer sessions are needed. Light colored hair is more difficult to treat and blonde and red hair are very difficult to treat requiring multiple laser hair removal sessions with varied results.

Laser Hair Removal Bellevue

Anyone on a diet high in beta-carotene will need to change eating habits if they want best results from laser hair removal. Beta-carotene, found in vitamin A, carrots, squash and other vegetables produces a yellow or orange color in the skin which absorbs the laser energy and interferes with it reaching the hair follicle. As beta-carotene can remain in the body for months, an adjustment in diet may be needed well in advance of laser hair removal treatment for optimum results.

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